At Blink of an Eye Studios we only offer a fully framed portrait service, this is to ensure that all our portraits are protected and presented in a perfect way for you.

During your portrait viewing session we will show you how best to bring your portraits alive using custom framing and craftsman creativity.

All our production and hand finishing is done by photography specailist companies in the UK to ensure your portraits match our quality guidelines.

We have a wide range of wall presentation products to match any home or business, starting from as little as £75 and up to £1495 for our largest portrait presentation.

We offer a split payment and credit options to help you spread your portrait investment if needed.


Add a modern style and let your portraits command centre stage with our impressive range of Contemporary Frames that are sure to captivate. Relaxed and effortlessly chic, our Lifestyle Frames combine natural style and subtle textures with a substantial array of mount options. At home or in the office, our Traditional Frames inject wide appeal that ensure they match your style.
Channelling eclectic flair with distinct appeal, our vintage range creates the perfect piece of  wall art that exudes an antique aura.

Our Classic Framed range starts from a 16 inch image and goes up to a 60 Inch image. Our classic framed images are available in a range of classic colours and start on the wall from £295

Make your image pop with our amazing Alumini finish.  Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, the Alumini creates an eye-catching metal wall art feature in any environment. This finish is available on images from 20 Inches and starts at £495

For a colourful, contemporary look and feel, our Confetti range starts at £295 from 20 Inch upwards and comes in a wide range of colours to suit all tastes.

At the end of your Photoshoot with us, we will give you a price guide and show you the different finishes available as well as answer any questions about any of the products. When you come back to view the images on the big screen, we will be there to help guide you to the right product and finish for you!


adjective: unexpected, unconventional, different, surprising.

Yes, as a professional and super-creative photographer, I’m more than happy to be described as all of those things!

But what I think of when I hear ‘off the wall’ is all of those deliciously emotional photos you have hidden on your phone, ‘somewhere’ on your computer or lurking on Facebook. Spine-tingling memories of the people you adore just floating about in the ether somewhere. How sad?

What if I could create a magical moment and capture it, so you could hang it ON your wall for you to cherish every day? Well, I can …

And I’m not talking stiff, forced and unnatural poses with a “keep still and say cheese” set up. I’m talking about capturing that look your baby gives you when you lift her from her cot. The grin your little boy wears when he splashes in a puddle. And the pure joy you feel when your family sits together in the same place, at the same time, you have a blissful hug and the world around you disappears.

Get that ON your wall!

I’m Natalie and I’m a photographer based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. My studio specialises in baby, children and family photography. And my passion …telling beautiful stories about families with my camera.