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Dog Photography at Blink of an Eye Studios:

Where Four-Legged Stars Shine Brightest

If you believe, as we do, that dogs aren’t just pets but cherished family members with their quirks, moods, and unforgettable antics, then you’ve trotted into the right corner of the internet. Welcome to the realm of Blink of an Eye Studios, where the magic of dog photography comes alive, one wagging tail at a time.

Elise & Dave: The Heart & Soul Behind the Lens

Meet Elise, our resident dog whisperer and photography maestro. Elise has her own Dog, Dave the Great Dane. Dave isn’t just her beloved pet; he’s the muse and inspiration behind every dog portrait session. Owning a dog gives her plenty of experience in handling dogs, especially very big ones like Dave the giant!

More Than Just Pictures: Capturing Canine Personalities

Every dog has a story, a unique personality. From the mischievous twinkle in a puppy’s eyes to the wise, contemplative gaze of an older dog, Elise is adept at capturing those fleeting, candid moments that define your furry friend. Whether your pup’s a couch potato, a playful sprinter, or the regal kind who loves striking poses, we ensure their spirit shines through in every shot.

A Dog-Friendly Studio in Tewkesbury

Situated amidst the picturesque setting of Tewkesbury, our studio is a haven for dogs. Spacious, full of doggy treats and toys, and (most importantly) filled with love and patience, it’s designed keeping in mind the comfort and security of your pet.

Tailored Sessions for Every Breed & Temperament

From tiny terriers to majestic mastiffs, every dog is unique, and so should be their photoshoot. Elise, with her innate understanding of canine behaviour (thanks in no small part to Dave’s teachings!), crafts sessions tailored to your dog’s pace. Whether they’re shy and need some warming up, or they’re the kind that bursts onto the scene with zest, we’ve got it covered.

Why Choose Blink of an Eye Studios for Your Dog’s Star Moment?

While there are many photographers out there, few possess the combination of a passion for dogs and the technical acumen to bring their personalities to life on canvas. Elise, with Dave’s constant companionship, has honed this blend to perfection. Her sessions aren’t about snapping pictures; they’re about creating memories, moments, and masterpieces.

Products to Paw-rade Your Pet’s Best Moments

Once the session is over, the fun doesn’t stop! We offer a range of products, from elegant frames to custom photo books, ensuring your dog’s best moments aren’t just digital files but tangible memories you can cherish forever.

Join the Pack!

Blink of an Eye Studios has created more than just a dog photography service; we’ve fostered a community. A community where tales (and tails) of drool-worthy antics, zoomies, and doggy adventures are shared and cherished. When you choose Blink of an Eye Studios, you’re not just getting a photo session; you’re becoming a part of a family that celebrates every bark, wag, and woof.

Ready to immortalize your furry friend’s moments? Reach out, and let’s create magic together, one paw-tastic portrait at a time!

Dog Portrait experience

  • A 1 Hour Dog Photoshoot
  • A Cinematic viewing of your images on our big screen
  • A Beautiful Framed 7 Inch Image of your choice
  • Expert Wall Art Design advice & guidance

Only £225