Choosing the Right Family Photographer

June 3, 2020

Want to fall in love with your Family Photos?  Here’s how…

We’ve all done it haven’t we, looked through magazines and pictures on the internet of those perfect family photos and wished that we could look the same?  Well, I have!  I knew getting photos of my family was important, but it wasn’t until I started working with Blink of an Eye that I realised JUST how important it is!

So, here’s my take on why…

Family portraits are the one thing that doesn’t really change.  No matter how many times you re-decorate or move the furniture around, they are the one thing that always has its ‘place’.  So getting it right is key.  You don’t want to be looking at a photo on your wall and thinking “ooh, that smile seems a little forced”, or “I really hate the clothes the kids are wearing in that picture now”. 


Do your research.  Really take time to look at the photographer’s website and the gallery images they have on there.  Are they the type of photos you want?  Different photographers have different styles of shooting and editing their photos.  From soft, muted tones to big, bold in your face; and everything in between.  Really think about what suits you and your family.  Pinterest is a great place to look to see what styles you really like.  A good photographer should be able to do a wide range of different looks and styles and be able to advise you what would work best and understand what you are trying to achieve.


I know that cost is a big factor for a lot of you (me included!), but sometimes going down the cheaper route isn’t always best!  Yes, you might have saved yourself a couple of hundred quid, but did you really get the results you wanted?  Remember, these photos represent you and your family.  You really want to capture the best images you can as after all, these are to be displayed proudly throughout your house and you’ll want to love them for years to come.  

When my eldest Izzy was around 6 months old she had some photos taken in a shop.  You know the set-up, they come round to various department stores with a mobile studio, you take your kids in, have a few snaps, fill your details in and you get them through the post in a couple of weeks.  Now, these weren’t expensive, but they weren’t exactly cheap either!  But regardless of how much they cost, these photos have NEVER been displayed in our house because quite frankly, I hate them!  They are overexposed, the lighting is all wrong and my daughter refused to smile (mainly because it was in the middle of a shop and there was so much going on around her!).  They don’t even look like her.  She looks pale with ginger hair when in reality she’s always been more olive-skinned and blonde!  The same setup, lighting, props, etc. were used for every single baby.  There was nothing unique or that represented us at all.

Personally, I wished I’d paid more and gone to a proper studio where the photographer listened to what we wanted.  A photographer should make you feel at ease.  They should be friendly and open to any ideas you have.  They should also be able to advise you on what would look best and how best to get the best images from your photoshoot.


This is something to really think about.  Yes, you might love that bright patterned print on the kids, but in years to come will it still look great, and will you want it pride of place?  Possibly not!  The same goes for big logos and brands.  Trends come and go, gorgeous portraits don’t!

Soft muted colours work best.  Think lots of whites, nothing too busy.  Keep clothing simple. The last thing you want is to be worrying about a rogue spaghetti strap falling down or that lovely hat on your youngest that he keeps pulling down over his eyes!

A good studio will be able to inject colour in the editing process, making your images really stand out and giving amazing crisp results, if this is what you would like.  A good photographer really does want you to love your pictures, so sticking to a neutral pallet will make this so much easier.

Wear what you feel comfortable in.  You want your photos to look natural and full of fun, especially the family ones.

Blink Studios has lots of accessories we can add in if you feel you’d like a ‘little extra’.  From hats to jackets and even superhero suits if that’s the kind of thing you’re after!  Newborn shoots are just the best!  We have all those tiny little clothes and cute bunny hats, not to mention all the wraps to swaddle your tiny bundle in soooo many colours!

Hair and Makeup

Again, keep this simple.  Please don’t try out a new look just before a shoot.  There’s a good chance you’ll look back and hate it.  If you are one for a statement lip, then by all means go for it!  But if you’re not, then just do you!  Keeping it natural will ensure that you get those gorgeous shots, something that won’t age and that you will treasure forever. 


Having the right options for when choosing your photos, in my opinion, is key.  You should be able to choose exactly what you want.  Some people just want digitals on a USB, others want wall art, and a lot of people a mix of the two.  Don’t just go for a photographer who only offers you the USB option though.  Yes, it’s cheaper, but will you ever get round to getting them printed?  Personally, I have at least 3 photoshoots (from different years and places) all sitting on USB’s and I’ve done absolutely nothing with them.  If I’d had opted for a framed image, these would now be hanging up in my house reminding me daily of that fantastic time in our lives.  So, really think about the reasons why you are having the shoot and what end result you want.  Blink of an Eye does a great mixture of framed images, wall art, and digitals.  We also offer interest-free credit so getting the perfect package for you is a lot more achievable.  

Above all else, just enjoy your shoot.  If the kids are running around and not listening, don’t panic!  We’ve seen it all a thousand times.  We’ll probably encourage you to chase after them and get some amazing shots that way!  We find bribery is also great, can’t beat a ‘sit still for 10 minutes and I’ll get you X, Y, and Z.

So, choose your studio carefully, do your research, and really look at what you want as a family and what kind of photos you would like.  

Blink of an Eye will listen to what you want.  They will use all manner of props, backgrounds, and different lighting to really capture your dreams.  They want to create something that you will LOVE and do you know why?  Because we love doing it!  We love seeing your face when you come in to view your photos and the joy you get when you tell us where you’re putting your picture in your house. 

I hope the above has helped.

Love Gemma and the Blink Team