Capturing Autumn in the Cotswolds

September 30, 2019

October gets you thinking about Autumn doesn’t it – the cooler days, gorgeous orange leaves and hot food and drink…. But if you’re already missing those long summer days and warm sunny evenings, then here’s some real genuine reasons to love this season and help you to embrace it!

  1. The beauty of nature. Everything looks stunning in Autumn, with all the reds, golden-yellows and browns. No matter how old you are, walking through the fallen leaves and collecting conkers never gets old. We love a good walk in the autumn time, the colours are so pretty and it just makes you feel good. We love to manipulate the lighting in our photo shoots to compliment the different times of the year, as well as getting out to capture those stunning colours.
  2. Keeping with the nature theme….. The brisk air on a misty autumnal morning. Bright mornings are good, but the misty mornings are even better. You know when Winter comes these mornings shall soon be gone, so it’s time to make the most of them now!
  3. And when the weather isn’t playing ball – that’s okay – because when you’re stuck in the office it doesn’t make it so hard knowing you’re in there and not out there in the drizzle. We feel the same when we’re in the studio – but with some clever lighting, you can make any grey day bright!
  4. Finally, we can cover up!! Get the winter wardrobe out, as the thick socks, cosy jumpers and hats are definitely ready for an outing.
  5. The food and drink change up – homemade soups, stews, marshmallows over bonfire night fires. And then there’s the drinks – oh yes! Whether you’re into pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolates or teas (all with cinnamon, obvs); Autumn is the season for hot drinks.
  6. Nights In… Autumn is the perfect time to ditch your nights out and get snuggly on the sofa with Netflix. Not only are there loads of good TV shows out this time of year (Bake Off is our ultimate favourite), there’s loads of new films out too. What better reason to light a fire, grab a blanket and get cosy?
  7. Nights in also means saving loads of money – money you can put towards a photo shoot experience at Blink – woohoo!!
  8. Everyone loves an excuse to stay in bed, so as the nights get colder and darker you’ve got the perfect reason to do so. After all, you’ve had a summer of the sun coming up far too early and waking you at 5am, you’ve earned it! Hey, and don’t forget we get that extra hour at some point when the clocks go back – result! Does anyone do anything to celebrate that extra hour?
  9. If you’re not excited for Halloween, then who are you?! We can’t wait to get our children dressed up in some scary (but probably end up cute) outfits. Not to mention watching all the Halloween films (us, not the kids).
  10. Along with Halloween, the final hurrah before we step into Winter is obviously bonfire night. We can’t wait to get wrapped up with woolly hats and scarves and stand in front of a big toasty bonfire toasting marshmallows, drinking mulled cider and waving sparklers in the air.
  11. It’s also just that little bit closer to Christmas… You’re seeing the chocolate selection boxes and decorations slowly popping up in the shops. The food, the drinks, the parties, the food, the time spent with family, the food, the films and the presents (Blink Photography Gift Experiences are available now and for all other special occasions by the way – wouldn’t be a Blink Blog without a small plug for the business now, would it?!) They all contribute to making Christmas so great. It’s a fact. Did we mention the food?

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?