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Baby Photography at Blink of an Eye Studios:

Cherishing Life’s Littlest Wonders

The tender age when babies start exploring the world around them, from their tiny fingers grasping new textures to their wide-eyed wonderment at everyday marvels, is a fleeting moment in their life’s journey. At Blink of an Eye Studios, we’re in the business of capturing these moments and immortalising them. And leading this mission with a mother’s touch and an artist’s eye is Natalie.

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Natalie: A Mother First, Photographer Second

The delicate nuances of babyhood aren’t just professionally significant for Natalie; they’re profoundly personal. Being a mother to two beautiful souls, Jacob and Layla, she’s intimately familiar with the universe of baby giggles, unsure steps, and those inquisitive eyes searching for answers. It was, after all, the expressive stages of her own children that became her favourite and inspired her to delve deeper into baby photography.

The Magical ‘Sitting Up’ Stage

There’s an enchanting phase in a baby’s life, when they can sit up unassisted, taking in the world from a whole new perspective. Their reactions, their myriad expressions, from chuckles to contemplative looks, are pure gold. Natalie holds a special fondness for this stage. It’s a period where personalities start to emerge, where every photo becomes a page in the storybook of their growing identity.

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Tailored Sessions for Your Little Star

Every baby is unique, with their quirks and rhythms. Natalie’s sessions, thus, are tailored to your baby’s comfort. Whether it’s their favourite toy, a cherished blanket, or even a tune they love, Natalie incorporates these elements, ensuring the photography session becomes a fun-filled adventure for them.

Safety, Warmth, and Comfort: Our Triple Promise

The wellbeing of your little one is paramount. Natalie, drawing from her own experiences as a mother, ensures that the studio is a cocoon of warmth and safety. Every prop is sanitized, every setup is baby-proofed, and the atmosphere is kept calm and soothing, resonating with homely vibes.

Nestled in the Heart of Tewkesbury

Our serene studio, located in the picturesque Tewkesbury, is a realm of baby giggles and fairy-tale dreams. Infused with warmth and designed keeping baby’s comfort in mind, it’s more than just a studio; it’s a haven for creating memories.

Why Blink of an Eye Studios for Baby Photography?

Natalie’s Personal Touch:
Being a mother to Jacob and Layla, Natalie brings an unmatched depth of understanding and tenderness to each session.

Focus on Natural Expressions:
Instead of forced poses, Natalie emphasizes capturing organic moments, genuine smiles, and curious gazes.

Treasured Keepsakes:
The final images aren’t mere photographs; they’re heirlooms. From premium prints to custom albums, we ensure these memories find a distinguished place in your home.

Become a Part of Blink of an Eye Studio’s Family

Parents who walk into our studio don’t just leave with photographs; they leave with experiences, stories, and often, return with their baby’s next milestone. By choosing us, you’re becoming part of a community, a family that cherishes every coo, every smile, and every wobbly step.

Do you wish to document the marvel that is your baby’s growing stages? To eternalize those gummy smiles, that infectious laughter, and those first attempts at exploring the world? Get in touch, and let Natalie, with her maternal warmth and professional expertise, create magic.

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Cake Smash Extravaganza at Blink of an Eye Studios:

Where Little Hands Dive into Delicious Fun!

In the vast expanse of life, few moments are as transient and precious as the first few days of a newborn. Soft coos, delicate fingers, the curl of tiny toes, and that intoxicating baby aroma – these fleeting moments are treasures of a lifetime. At Blink of an Eye Studios, we immortalize these early chapters, capturing the innocence and wonder of your baby’s first days in the world.

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The Ultimate First Birthday Bash

If you’ve ever wondered what unbridled joy looks like, it’s a toddler diving hands-first into a cake, eyes twinkling with mischief and mouth smeared in creamy delight. As they explore, taste, and occasionally wear the cake, we’re right there, capturing every delicious detail, every gleeful glance, and of course, the inevitable sugar rush that follows!


From Cake Chaos to Bubble-filled Bliss

But the fun doesn’t stop once the cake’s reduced to crumbs! Once your little maestro is done with their culinary conquest, it’s time to wash off that sugary goodness. And we do it in style! Enter our signature baby-sized roll-top bath, the perfect setting for bubbly giggles and splashy fun. Watching your little one enjoy their bubbly retreat is pure joy, and the resulting images? Simply priceless.

Ending on a Cozy Note

After all the smashing and splashing, it’s time to wind down. We’ll wrap up the session by swaddling your baby in the snuggest of dressing gowns, capturing those heart-melting moments of post-adventure coziness. These images, filled with the warmth of fluffy robes and your child’s satiated, sleepy smiles, are the perfect full stop to our Cake Smash tale.

Join the Cake Smash Revolution!

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless first birthdays transform into edible escapades. Our Cake Smash community is ever-growing, filled with parents who’ve experienced the magic first-hand, and those eager to dive in.

Are you ready to give your little one the ultimate birthday treat? To etch the memories of their first taste of cakey freedom forever? Connect with us and let’s craft a Cake Smash tale that’s as unique and delightful as your child!

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