Being off the Wall

June 3, 2020

By Blink Of An Eye Photography




adjective: unexpected, unconventional, different, surprising.


Yes, as a professional and super-creative photographer, I’m more than happy to be described as all of those things!


But what I think of when I hear ‘off the wall’ is all of those deliciously emotional photos you have hidden on your phone, ‘somewhere’ on your computer or lurking on Facebook. Spine-tingling memories of the people you adore just floating about in the ether somewhere. How sad?


What if I could create a magical moment and capture it, so you could hang it ON your wall for you to cherish every day? Well, I can …


And I’m not talking stiff, forced and unnatural poses with a “keep still and say cheese” set up. I’m talking about capturing that look your baby gives you when you lift her from her cot. The grin your little boy wears when he splashes in a puddle. And the pure joy you feel when your family sits together in the same place, at the same time, you have a blissful hug and the world around you disappears.


Get that ON your wall!


I’m Natalie and I’m a photographer based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. My studio specialises in baby, children, and family photography. And my passion …telling beautiful stories about families with my camera.


Natalie, tell us more about what you feel makes you different from other baby photographers?


At Blink Of An Eye Photography, we are natural, fun, and creative. What makes us unique is the combination of all of this with a high-quality professional service.  We aren’t a soulless chain who whip out a plain white background to create the same look. And we aren’t a stuffy, old-school studio. We create really innovative and beautiful photographs that capture a feeling.


Sounds good, but how do you manage that?!


That would be telling!  But the trick is to get to know the family, put everyone at ease and guide you through some poses. Sometimes we don’t even need to do that. When families are happy and relaxed doing their own thing, we can capture beautiful images when they are least expecting it. That’s when the magic happens.


“Great pictures and memories that I will always keep and the guys at Blink of an Eye went the extra mile with customer service and creativity for our family photoshoot. I would recommend and will be coming back for more!” Blink Of An Eye fan, Craig Jones


What’s the process for a family portrait?


We talk to our families and get to know their personalities, their vision, things they like and don’t like and talk about styling options. And we ask them to bring in props if they like – things that are special to their family and help tell their story.


Our shoots take around an hour – which is the perfect time for little ones. Then we invite you back around 1-2 weeks later to view the images on the big screen in our viewing room to select your favourites.


What one tip would you give to parents who are thinking of booking a baby photoshoot?


Choose us! (Ahem!) Number one tip? Definitely do your research – get recommendations, check out their galleries, visit them beforehand to get a good feel, and ask about their credentials. At Blink Of An Eye Photography we were awarded 5-star status by the Xperience Group in 2018, won Best Little Miss Photographer in the UK in 2018, won Best Under 5s Photographer in the UK in 2017 and were voted Gloucestershire’s number one photographer in 2017.


Where can we see your work?


On the website and on Facebook and Instagram.  If you want to visit our studio in gorgeous Tewkesbury, we’re always happy to give you a tour and show off our portfolio!


And finally, Natalie – why is ‘on the wall’ so much better than home-shot digital images? 


There’s nothing wrong with photos you take yourself – the first day at school by the front door being my favourite. So cute!  And you can’t hire a professional photographer to shoot every special moment. But when you have a newborn particularly, they are little for such a short period. And over time, you forget how tiny their fingers are and the funny little expressions they only have as babies. Hiring a professional photographer to produce a photograph that you can look at, every day, is something you should budget for …like a cot, or pushchair! Unlike all those other essentials, this will last you a lifetime.