Dance Photography


Dance Photography at Blink of an Eye Studios:

Capturing the Poetry of Movement

Dance is more than just movement; it’s a language, a form of expression, and a celebration of human spirit and grace. At Blink of an Eye Studios, we aim to encapsulate this dynamic art form, freezing moments of passion, precision, and poise into timeless images. And who better to chronicle these rhythmic tales than someone who has danced to the same beats?

Natalie: A Dancer Turned Photographer

Natalie isn’t just any photographer; she’s a former dancer. Every twirl, leap, and intricate footwork isn’t just a move for her; it’s a memory, a sensation she has felt deep within her bones. This intimate understanding of dance, coupled with her artistic vision behind the lens, allows her to capture the very essence of dance, the emotions and stories that often go unnoticed.

The Dance of Light and Shadow

Dance photography isn’t just about capturing movement; it’s about the interplay of light and shadow, highlighting the sheer strength of a dancer and the vulnerability of the art form. Natalie, with her dancer’s intuition and photographer’s expertise, crafts images that are more than mere shots – they’re narratives, each telling tales of dedication, discipline, and dreams.

A Personalized Session for Every Dancer

Whether you’re a ballet dancer poised on the tips of grace, a contemporary artist breaking boundaries, or a tap dancer creating rhythmic symphonies, Natalie designs each session tailored to your unique style. By understanding your strengths, she ensures that the spotlight remains where it should be – on your artistry and passion.

Safety and Comfort: Our Prime Waltz

Being a dancer herself, Natalie knows the physical demands and intricacies involved. Ensuring your comfort and safety, especially during those high-octane moves or gravity-defying leaps, is paramount. The studio is equipped to cater to these needs, ensuring every shoot is a harmonious blend of art and well-being.

Tewkesbury's Dance Photography Sanctuary

Situated in the heart of Tewkesbury, our studio is both a stage and a sanctuary. It’s a space designed to mirror the grand stages, with the intimacy needed for raw, emotive captures.

Why Choose Blink of an Eye Studios for Your Dance Photography?

Natalie’s Unique Perspective:
With her dual identity as a dancer and photographer, Natalie brings a depth and dimension to dance photography that’s rare and invaluable.

Tailored Sessions:
Every dance form is unique, and so are our sessions. From the lighting to the backdrop, everything is curated to resonate with your dance style.

Premium Keepsakes:
These captures deserve a grand showcase. From high-quality prints to custom photo albums, your dance journey deserves to be celebrated in all its grandeur.

Join the Dance Ensemble at Blink of an Eye Studios

Over the years, Natalie has not just captured dancers but also mentored them, sharing insights, stories, and memories. By choosing Blink of an Eye Studios, you’re not just opting for a photo session; you’re becoming a part of a community that lives and breathes dance.

Are you ready to tell your dance story? To freeze those fleeting moments of grace, power, and passion? Reach out and let Natalie, with her dancer’s heart and photographer’s eye, craft a visual symphony that resonates with your spirit.

A little more

Dance Art Portraits are available from the age of 5 upwards. We do offer a Photoshoot experience for the baby ballerinas but our Dance Portrait Experience is more suited to those that are passionate about dance.

Dance Portrait experience

  • A 1 Hour Dance Photoshoot
  • A Cinematic viewing of your images on our big screen
  • A Beautiful Framed 7 Inch Image of your choice
  • Expert Wall Art Design advice & guidance

Only £225

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